Providing your pet bird or Parrot with the largest cage possible is important for when they do need to spend time in it. Take into account space taken up by toys, perches and other accessories. There is now an amazing choice of cages on offer and lots of thought has gone into including features to improve safety and usability, such as improved locks, swing out feeders, large doors for easy access and pull out grilles and trays for easy cleaning. The quality of pet bird and Parrot cages is a matter taken seriously by the manufacturers. A non toxic, lead and zinc free finish is applied, usually as a powder coating- the toughest finish available.
With the many different styles you can easily find the perfect cage. Choose from flat top or dome top, open top or solid top, plus there are many cages with a play top or gym top section.
An open top cage give you the flexibility of adding a perch across the opening section of the cage, yet still leaves your Parrot entry to the inside for food and water. The play top or gym top cages allow your Parrot plenty of space to exercise and play with toys.
Solid top cages offer great security as there is no top opening sections, plus they allow more light in.