Alegia Exclusive Feed for Budies 700 gr.


Exclusive Feed for Budies
The Exclusive feed for Budgies is a balanced mix of seeds, enriched with ingredients necessary for the good condition of Parrots.
Through addition of purified shell oysters, the feed is rich in calcium and phosphorus
The feed contains seeds grasses that are rich in mineral components and carbohydrates.
The blend of green, red, yellow and white millet is aimed to protect the immune system against microorganisms, improve the state of health and mood of the Parrots. The vitamins and microelements contained in the feed being necessary for life cause that it is a high-value meal for your Parrot. The feed does not contain artificial colouring agents or preservatives, guarantees healthy plumage and strengthens the immune system. The addition of apple twigs provides an excellent fun in the form of tearing the bark.

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Composition of compound feed:
millet: yellow, red, green, white. oat grass, red sorghum, rape, white sorghum, canary grass, striped sunflower, strawberry seeds, buckwheat, seeds of grasses, radish seeds, mung beans, oyster shells, Niger seed, apple twigs, hemp.
Serve 1-2 times a day depending on the size and age of the Parrot.
Remember, ensure access to fresh clean water for your Parrot, also remember to daily exchange the feed in the bowl.