Alegia Exclusive Feed for Medium and Large Parrots 700 gr.


Exclusive Feed for Medium and Large Parrots
The Exclusive feed for medium and large parrots is a mixture of seeds enriched with nutrients necessary for the good condition of Parrots.
Specially selected cereals, with addition of nuts, dried fruit and vegetables and top quality oilseeds provide essential vitamins,
elements and minerals.
The addition of oyster shells ensures a good work of the stomach muscles and provides calcium and phosphorus.
The feed contains a lot of additives liked by Parrots among others puffed cereals, pumpkin seeds, dried peppers and figs.
The feed does not contain artificial colouring agents or preservatives, guarantees healthy plumage and strengthens the immune system and the addition of apple twigs provides an excellent fun in the form of tearing the bark.

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Composition of compound feed:
thick striped sunflower, fine striped sunflower, black sunflower, green and red millet, crushed maize, buckwheat, maize,
red sorghum, peas crushed, carob, raisin, mung bean, flax seed, peanuts,
fruits: of cranberry, rowan, dried paprika, puffed wheat, dried apple, hemp, banana chip, fig, pumpkin.

Serve 1-2 times a day depending on the size and age of the Parrot.
Remember, ensure access to fresh clean water for your Parrot, also remember to daily exchange the feed in the bowl