Alegia Exclusive Feed for Rabbit 700 gr.


Exclusive Feed for Rabbit
The feed without the addition of cereal grains. They have been replaced by us with high quality extruders, dried fruits and vegetables. The blend includes, among others carrot, oat herb, rowanberry fruit, coconut flakes and a mixture of grasses. Large diversity of ingredients encourages better taking of feed. Coconut flakes provide many valuable vitamins (B1, B2, C, E, K), regulate blood sugar level and strengthen the organism immunity. The high demand of rabbits for the fibre will be covered by the alfalfa contained in the feed (which is over 34,5%), dried grass and oat herb (it is a plant rich in fibre, proteins and large quantities of provitamin A).
Rowan additive helps to clean the organism of toxins, has an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membranes of intestines and stomach.
Exclusive Feed provides a balanced and healthy diet adapted to the nutritional needs of your Rabbit in order to ensure a long and active life for it. The possible color change of the urine results from the high content of natural ingredients (herbs, vegetables) in the feed and does not adversely affect the health of the pet.

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Compound feed ingredients: dried green fodder (including: granulated and dried alfalfa, oat herb, wheat), dried vegetables (including: beetroot, carrot, Jerusalem artichoke chips), extruders, seeds (grasses, milk thistle, granulated flaxseed), dried fruits (m .in .: coconut, rowan), corn flakes, granules, tree branches.
With constant access to water and hay, a typically-sized rabbit should be given about 100 ml of feed a day, divided into several portions. Remember to ensure constant access to hay and water.