Alegia Junior Natural feed for cavies 650 gr.


This Super Premium type of feed is intended for cavies under 8 months of age. Ingredients of this feed are unprocessed and 100% natural. High content of herbs, dried vegetables and dried green fodder guarantees the proper functioning of the digestive system and sustainable development of young cavies.
• High content of long fibres and herbs reduces hairball formation
• The feed does not contain whole cereal grains, the only source of starch are maize flakes
• Diverse ingredients: 23 natural ingredients
• Ingredients adjusted to the natural diet pyramid of cavies
• It contains naturally sourced vitamin C for strenghtened immune sysytem and optimal condition
• High content of flaxseed, a natural source of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids which support the nervous system and give hair a shiny look
• It doesn’t contain sugars, preservatives or flavour enhancers

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Compound feed ingredients: dried green fodder (granular and dried medicago, oats hay), dried vegetables (carrot, beet, peas, parsnip, parsley, courgettes, Jerusalem artichoke, among others), dried herbs and flowers (calendula, hibiscus, cornflower, camomile, nettle), seeds (flaxseed, silybum), granular flaxseed, maize flakes, fruit: apple, cranberry, rosehip.
With constant access to water and hay, a typically-sized cavies should be given about 100 ml of feed a day, divided into several portions. Remember to ensure constant access to hay and water.