Aqua-Art – Planta Gainer Micro 500 ml.


Microelement fertilizer for aquatic plants and aquariums, to prepare water filtered previously by reverse osmosis. It enriches the water necessary for fish and plants microelements (iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, silicon, titanium, cobalt) in optimal proportions. It is not harmful to fish or other aquatic organisms.

Dosage: Dose directly into the water to be exchanged or to the aquarium directly after the partial water change, to previously demineralized water -1 ml (one press of the dispenser) to 4 liters of water. For use together with Planta Gainer PRO Hydro Mineral. In order to strengthen the care effect, it is recommended to use parallel sets of fertilizer from the Planta Gainer line.

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