Aqua art Shrimp Mineral


The product provides essential minerals, which are often
lacking in soft water, to shrimp. It is recommended for all
species of dwarf shrimp and especially for bee shrimp.
It increases the general hardness (GH) of water without
changing the carbonate hardness (KH) and pH. Ensuring an
appropriate level of general hardness in a shrimp tank
(at 5 German degrees or more) and a low carbonate
hardness (2-4 German degrees) and pH of around 6.5
provides optimal conditions for smooth moulting and
growth of shrimp. It is not harmful to fish or other aquatic
1ml (one press of the dispenser) of Shrimp Mineral for
every 4 litres of water will increase the general hardness
of water by about 2 German degrees.