AQUAYER Remineral 330 gr.


AQUAYER Remineral GH/KH+ – unique mixture of mineral salts creating optimal balance of calcium and magnesium in aquarium water. It makes carbonate buffer for pH stabilization and prevents dangerous pH drop to the values below 6. The product is necessary for remineralization of RO (reverse osmosis) water because plants require calcium and magnesium for growth. RO water does not contain calcium and magnesium. Remineral does not contain sodium and chloride.

4g of the mixture increase GH/KH respectively for 3dH/2dH (German degree) in 50L of water
8g of the mixture increase GH/KH respectively for 6dH/4dH (German degree) in 50L of water
We recomend to use scales.
1 teaspoon = 5g
1 tablespoon = 12g

Content: Ca – 17.7%, Mg – 5.5%

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Why it is unique?
There are many different mineral mixtures on the aquarium market. Some products contain calcium chloride only because of very high solubility. However calcium chloride can increase not only general hardness but also chloride concentration significantly. High chloride concentration harms aquarium plants especially demanding ones.
Other mixtures for remineralization contain only sulfates which can not make buffer for pH stabilization. Such mixtures only increase general hardness. Zero carbonate hardness of aquarium water can lead to dangerous pH drop (below 6) if CO2 injection applied. Some plants can melt in such conditions and fishes can even die.
Formula of AQUAYER Remineral GH/KH+ is unique because can provide optimization of both water parameters – general (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) buffering pH. In fact the formula consist of the same salts as in natural waters and does not contain chloride.