AQUAYER Vitamin 60 ml.


AQUAYER Vitamin – Vitamins for aquarium fishes and plants. Supports fish health and enhance its condition. Increases appetite, enhance color, helps injury healing and reduces stress of the fishes. The product is designed for daily support of aquarium fishes and plants.

AQUAYER Vitamin includes several B vitamins (В1, В2, В3/РР, В5, В6, В12,), (В1, В2, В3/РР, В5, В6, В12,), those enhance immunity of fishes, appetite and stress resistance.
Panthenol cares about fishes mucosa, that is very important during fishes transportation. The vitamin complex also includes necessary vitamins for fish health support: А, С and D3. The feature of AQUAYER Vitamin formula is lecithin which holds the vitamins complex in microcapsules thus making the vitamins accessible for organisms and stable.

Except fishes and plants the vitamins are also consumed by microorganisms (beneficial bacteria) in aquarium. Thats is why constant presence of vitamins in the closed system (like aquarium) especially important for the stability of biological balance in the aquarium.

AQUAYER Vitamin can be used for the feed enrichment by vitamins and for frozen feed preparation as well.

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Dosing (shake before use):
•Fish feed enrichment — 2-3 drops per tea spoon of the feed.
•Frozen feed preparation — 5 drops per 10 mL of the feed.
•Fish transportation — 1 drop per 1 L of water in the transportation vessel.
•Daily support of fishes and plants — 1 drop per 10 L of water daily.
Volume: 60 mL

2 years at temperature below 30 °С