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ESSENTIAL BALANCE is a single source protein food in which turkey, rice and oats are the main ingredients. BAL-ANCE is significantly different from our other meals, so please read the following carefully before choosing BAL-ANCE.BALANCE is presented as a solution in four different situ-ations:
1 Looking for a low protein food? BALANCE is only 20 per-cent protein.You can further increase the level of protein in the servings by mixing BALANCE together with any of our LIVING foods. If you serve a mixture of 75% BALANCE together with 25% of a ESSENTIAL LIVING meals the protein level is boosted to 22.5 %.
2 Is your dog suffering from loose stools?The combination of turkey meat, rice and oats is carefully composed to balance the digestive system. ESSENTIAL BALANCE can be served on its own or mixed with our other meals. The latter option is the obvious choice in the case of recurrent problems.
3 Would you like to serve a more economically attractive ESSENTIALS meal? This option is for those who need to a food solution at a lower price, but who are attracted by our values and the re-sults we deliver to our customers.
Fortunately, there is now an economic solution for heavy volume users who cannot go the full ESSENTIALS way. In this case it makes particular sense to use our other meals for specific lifestyle situations. These could, for example, be NAUTICAL for allergy and skin/coat problems, CONTOUR for sterilised or neutered dogs and LARGE BREED for large puppies etc.
Freshly prepared and dried turkey, rice, oats, whole linseed, turkey gravy, turkey fat, beet pulp, alfalfa, minerals, vita-mins, omega 3 supplement, natural seaweed, chicory and yucca extract, calcium carbonate, glucosamine (185 mg/kg), chondroitin sulphate (130 mg/kg).

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Price and quality are closely related. BALANCE delivers a fantastic product at this price point, with turkey as the pri-mary ingredient. This gives ESSENTIAL BALANCE a head start compared with other products in the same price range. BALANCE, however, is not a thoroughbred ESSENTIALS product, and the price difference means that you have to accept doing without BOF approved, 100% grain-free and nor having our broad spectrum of ingredients in the bag. That being said, ESSENTIAL BALANCE showcases just how much more value ESSENTIAL FOODS delivers in the super premium category with BALANCE, and expressively in the luxury category with all our other foods.