Developed by experts:
Mix for budgies – with 8 millet seeds & herbs
nutritious and low-fat (may prevent obesity)
best quality, excellent germination capacity

with 8 millet seeds and a high portion of grass seeds

without oilseed

selected herbs like chickweed & dandelion

Mix of millet seeds (60%), canary seed (25%),
grass seeds (10%), oat seeds, vegetables (only


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Feeding recommendations:
A daily food quantity of 10 g per animal has proven to be a good guideline.

Offering more food has the disadvantage that the food selection is increased
and the animals only eat the energy -rich seeds and leave the healthy grass
seeds or herbs out. The food should be changed daily and food bowls should
be cleaned. As a supplement we recommend our vitamin preparation PRIME
from HARI, furthermore our healthy and low-calorie Sprouted Food for Budgies
from the glass from Claus.