Dennerle NANO Carbo Elixier Bio 100 ml.


Dennerle NANO Carbo Elixier Bio is a liquid carbon fertiliser for Nano aquariums. In the small Nano aquariums often a CO2 fertilising system is missing.
+ provides a fast and lush plant growth
+ improves the ability of plants to compete with algae
+ based on natural an existing CO2-fertliser system
+ save for fishes and invertebrates
+ accelerates the growth of the aquarium raw materials
+ contains iron, manganese and pottasium
+ can also be used with plants

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Depending on the planting and growing conditions: 2-6 drops a day for every 10 l of aquarium water
Do not exceed dosage!
If the dosage is significantly exceeded by accident, carry out a partial water change immediately and aerate
if necessary.
Store away from sun, heat and frost
Only for use in aquaria
Keep out of reach of children!
Nano Carbo Elixier Bio is not a replacement for a complete fertilizer


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