Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer 15 ml.


Dennerle Nano Daily Fertilizer is tailored specifically to the sensitive nutrient situation in
mini aquaria. It supplies aquarium plants on a daily basis with all the nutrients they need
for strong, lush growth. Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese provide for
rich green leaves. Red and reddish-brown leaf colours are intensified, while attractive leaf
markings are enhanced. Nano Daily Fertilizer specifically fills nutrient gaps, strengthens
plants and helps to counter stagnant growth. Highly-effective protective shells – so-called
chelates – mean that the nutrients remain available to plants for a long time. Deficiency
symptoms are eradicated on a lasting basis, new leaves display a rich green colouring
Phosphate- and nitrate-free – does not promote algae growth
Guaranteed safe for all shrimps, crabs and other invertebrates.

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Dosage and mode of use
Normal dosage: 1 drop to 10 l of aquarium water once a day
Initial dosage for aquaria which have not previously been fertilized: 6 drops to
10 l of aquarium water, in order to establish a certain initial level of nutrients.
Weekly fertilizer: As the nutrients are protected by chelate shells, Nano Daily
Fertilizer can also be used on a depot basis, adding 7 drops to 10 l of aquarium
water on a weekly basis.


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