Dennerle Perfect Plant System Set


Dennerle Perfect Plant System Set is a fertilisation system complete set for professional fertilisation aof aquarium plants

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The Set consists of:
Dennerle E15 FerActiv, 20 tablettes
E15 FerActiv iron fertilizer supplies all aquarium plants with immediately effective bivalent nutrient iron to provide a fresh, lush green colouring. Deficiency symptoms such as yellow, glassy leaves are largely cured, and young leaves display a rich green colouring once again. Other vital nutrients such as potassium and manganese strengthen the plants and establish ideal conditions for powerful and lush growth. Dennerle E15 nutrient iron is protected from oxidation by highly effective shells (chelates) which maintain it in plant-available form over a prolonged period (depot effect).

Dennerle V30 Complete, 50 ml:
Dennerle V30 Complete provides aquarium plants with all the nutrients they need for strong, lush growth. All nutrients and strength-building substances are available for direct intake in plant-active form. Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese provide for rich green leaves. Red and reddish brown leaf colours are intensified, attractive markings are brought out more striklingly. Dennerle V30 Complete combats nutrient deficiencies, strengthen plants from within and helps to counter stagnant growth.

Dennerle V7 VitaMix, 50 ml:
Dennerle V7 VitaMix is a unique concentrate of vital ingredients to activate and vitalise the entire aquarium. It supplies fish and plants with all the necessary vitamines, trace elements and other vital substances.


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