Easy Life Bio-Exit Silicate


Bio-Exit Silicate from Easy Life neutralises silicates in the aquarium. Silicates occur naturally in all water, they can also be released from the substrate. An increase in the silicate level in the aquarium can promote the growth of diatoms, which can form a brown coating on plants and soil. These diatoms are neither toxic nor harmful. The brown coating formed by the algae is usually not a pretty sight. Bio-Exit Silicate acts quickly and efficiently against silicates.

When used correctly, it is not harmful to fish, plants, shrimps and other invertebrates.

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Use: Shake before use. Remove activated carbon. Do not overdose.

Balance treatment during 1 week:
Day 1: 10 ml per 20 liters (5 US Gallons)of water
Day 3: 10 ml per 20 liters (5 US Gallons) of water
Day 8: change the water
No water changes during the treatment.

If the result is insufficient, this balance treatment can be repeated.


250 ml., 500 ml., 1000 ml.