Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium


Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear. It is used for water preparation, as well as a maintenance product, a stimulator (e.g. for plant growth) and a prophylaxis (to prevent infections). Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium effectively solves a wide range of freshwater and saltwater problems. Furthermore, it is made from 100% natural products and is extremely safe to use.

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Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium:
+ 100% natural ingredients
+ 100% safe to use
+ contains no chemicals, bacterias and no other organical additives
+ highly effective for freshwater aquaria, marine water aquaria and garden ponds
+ solves a variety of problems (often occurring at particularly serious)
+ versatile preventive – last forever
+ dozens of positive effects

Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium can be used for maintenance, water conditioner, stimulator, fertilizer and problem solver. The main advantage is that the product is 100% natural & safe. Fish and lower animals can easily be troubled by even the smallest amounts of chemicals. Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium absorbs all those unwanted elements. The product improves the water quality immensely and stabilizes it. The completely natural Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium solves all kinds of problems and prevents them as well. Without bringing any chemicals or foreign bacteria into your precious aquarium! Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium makes fishkeeping much easier. The powerful product Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium, can be regarded as an active fluid filter medium. However, it’s much more than just that. The product shows an enormous capacity to purify fresh water and saltwater. It absorbs many contaminants, eliminates stressfactors, fertilizes plants, is a growth enhancer, stimulates the breeding etc. So, it’s a very versatile product for all situations, from fish bowls to ponds. Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals or bacteria works for instance as a maintenance tonic, fertilizer, water conditioner, protector, appetite promoter, breeding promoter and water clearer very safe, also for children not harmful to the environment very effective in all fresh water and marine systems unlimited shelf-life.

Application of Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium in freshwater and marine tanks:
Shake the bottle vigorously and add immediately afterwards.
Maintenance dosage: weekly 10 ml per 30 litres of aquarium water
Dosage among small problems: 20 ml per 30 l of water, repeat at the 2. day.
Dosage among more serious problems: 30 ml per 30 l of water, repeat at the 2. day.
After a few hours the aquarium water becomes crystal clear.


100 ml., 250 ml., 500 ml., 1000 ml., 5000 ml.


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