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With a deficit or a wrong ratio phosphate-nitrate, the products Nitro or Fosfo can be used to bring back the content of NO³ and/or PO4 to the desired value. Plants have a need for all nutrients. That means that healthy growth without algae is only possible if all conditions are complied with: light-CO2-N-P-K etc. If there are elements missing, then the growth will start to falter or can even stop. If the growth falters, processes are not finalized and plants will start to ‘leak’ sugars. It is just these sugars which activate algae spores and algae to grow. Algae are much less sensitive to the deficit of or the lack of a nutrient and therefore the matter is to offer all elements from the Golden Triangle to prevent (algae) problems.
New views teach us that nitrate and phosphate are not a reason for algae formation. It is precisely a lack of these macro elements which lead to algae formation, again by the leaking of sugars from the plant. Of course a very high content of phosphate (>2,0 mg/l) does give algae problems, but a value of 0,5 – 2,0 mg/l PO4 is acceptable and not a reason for algae formation. Normally the plant is provided with N and P by the feeding of fish or waste. However, with little fish, scant feeding or many plants and light, precisely a deficit of these macro elements can occur. Many people direct the content of NO3-PO4 through the Redfield-ratio to neutralize a deficit. The Redfield-ration is the ratio between C-N-P, in the ratio 105-16:1. In practice we use the ratio between N and P (16 : 1) and convert that roughly to the water values nitrate and phosphate. With introduction of additional nitrate (Easy-Life Nitro) and phosphate (Easy-Life Fosfo) the correct ratio can be achieved and a deficit is prevented.

Dosage Easy-Life Fosfo:
10 ml per 500 litres increases PO4 concentration by 0,1 ppm.

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