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Easy-Life ProFito is an all-in-one, universal plant food which is suitable for all water plants in freshwater aquaria. The composition of Easy-Life ProFito ensures strong, healthy and lush plant growth. Thanks to the optimal composition of the ingredients, plants have everything they need for unhindered, strong and lush growth.

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Advantages of Easy-Life ProFito:
+ Highly concentrated, all-in-one, universal plant food
+ All the necessary nutrients in a single product, such as iron, potassium and manganese
+ Strong, healthy and lush plant growth
+ Promotes the production of cytokinins, which stimulates the division of cells
+ Produces wider leaves and intense colours
+ Improves and consolidates the biological balance in the aquarium
+ Contains no nitrates or phosphates
+ Extremely economical to use
+ dosage: only 10 ml per 100 Litres of water weekly
+ safe for use in aquariums with crustaceans

The high concentrations of, in particular, iron, potassium and magnesium in Easy-LIfe ProFito fulfil the plants need to absorb large quantities of these nutrients. This plant food contains many micronutrients (including manganese, boron, cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, copper, tin, nickel, fluorine, iodine, aluminium, zinc, selenium and vanadium). These substances and a number of rare minerals that are added give plants exactly what they require for trouble-free growth. The plants are stimulated to create cytokinins (plant hormones), which stimulate the division of cells. The leaves grow to become much wider and the colours become extremely vibrant.

Thanks to the optimal supply of nutrients provided by ProFito, water plants grow quickly and stronger. As a result, unwanted substances in the aquarium water, such as certain nitrogen and phosphate compounds, are absorbed by the plants more quickly. Nitrate, phosphate and ammonium are, therefore, removed from the aquarium water more quickly by the plants. ProFito relieves the burden placed on the water and a better biological balance is created in the aquarium.

Easy-Life ProFito does not contain nitrate or phosphate. The nutrients in ProFito are stabilized in a number of different ways by various chelators. Antioxidants and preservatives slow down the perishability of ProFito, which guarantees a longer shelf life. Storing the product in a cool and dark place also increases the shelf life.


100 ml., 250 ml., 500 ml., 5000 ml.


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