ESCAPURE Rinder Gulasch 200 g.


Rinder Gulasch 200 g.
Beef: 62% consisting of beef hearts, beef, beef livers,
beef rumen, beef lungs, 28.3% broth,
4% carrots, 4% potatoes, 1% minerals, 0.3% eggshell
powder, 0.2% brewer’s yeast, 0.1% rapeseed oil,
0.1% psyllium husks, sea salt
Juicy meat, fresh vegetables, cottage cheese and hand-selected herbs – we only use the best of the best ingredients
in the wet food selections. In order to make them digestible as well, our plant in Bavaria uses a high percentage of
just one type of meat as a source of protein – exactly following Nature’s model. Pure, high quality meat is ultimately
the most valuable and important component of healthy nutrition for dogs of every age. We guarantee that all of the
selections are made without flavour enhancers, colourings and preservatives so that the sensitive gastrointestinal
tract is not unnecessarily affected. There are also no artificial flavourings in any tin of ESCAPURE, which smells as
good as it tastes – just like true, award-winning cuisine.

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