eSHa Gastropex 10 ml.


Against all aquatic snails.
GASTROPEX is a unique formula that effectively combats aquatic snails in freshwater aquaria. In addition, GASTROPEX clears cloudy water caused by bacterial blooms and combats ‘hydra’. GASTROPEX is safe to use with freshwater tropical / cold water fish and plants and, unlike many other treatments, no water change is required after use. GASTROPEX can also be used as a preventive bath for new plants. This prevents snail colonization and the runaway growth of micro-organisms.

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Standard dosage
Day 1:- 20 drops (For 100 Ltr.)
Day 2:- 10 drops (For 100 Ltr.)
Day 3:- 10 drops (For 100 Ltr.)
In case of unexpected complications carry out a partial waterchange and contact your shopkeeper.
This dosage can be repeated if necessary after 14 days. Doing this will ensure that all eggs hatched during this time are destroyed.