HbN food for guinea pigs


Premium food for guinea pigs with oranges, carrots and amaranth
700 ml. / 350 gr.
HAPPY BY NATURE – it’s ideally suited and balanced PREMIUM food with oranges, dried carrots and amaranth seeds, especially intended for guinea pigs. The food mixture is free of artificial ingredients, colourings and preservatives. All its elements have been carefully selected in accordance with the needs and nutritional requirements of guinea pigs. It helps to protect guinea pigs’ health and gives them vital powers derived straight from the nature.

Orange peel is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is not synthesized by guinea pigs. Oranges also provide B-group vitamins (including folic acid), potassium and a fiber that regulates intestinal function. The flavonoids in the orange peel enhance the action of vitamin C; as a result, vitamin C of natural origin is better absorbed than its synthetic counterpart.

Carrot protects the immune system, has an antibacterial effect and supports the work of the digestive system. It’s a good source of carotene, which is important in the diet as a precursor of vitamin A, necessary in the vision process. Thanks to the content of the vitamins, proteins, calcium, nutrients, pectins, it controls important life processes.

Amaranth – grain which were very much appreciated by pre-Columbian Indians, has been rediscovered by health food specialists now. Amaranth is a valuable source of easily digestible protein, many minerals components, including iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, B-group vitamins and antioxidants – vitamins A, C and E. Due to the high content of fibre, it positively affects the intestinal function.

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dried apples
dried carob beans
black sunflower seeds
kardi seeds
pea flakes
big white sunflower seeds
striped sunflower seeds
dried alfalfa
dried oranges 1%
dried carrots 1%
dried beetroots
pumpkin seeds
amaranth 0,5%