Substrate (gravel) cleaner for cleaning aquariums with 20-45 cm in hight
Sophisticated and highly effective gravel cleaner to siphon off waste in aquariums from 20 cm height upwards
Use: shake the gravel cleaner, let water flow into the bucket, siphon the waste out of the substrate, close the stopcock when finished
A corner on the round gravel cleaner ensures an efficient and powerful whirl effect so you can move and easily siphon off dirt from the aquarium corners
The protective sieve can be removed for cleaning and prevents plants, shrimps and fish from being accidentally sucked in
Package contents: 1 gravel cleaner with suction valve, Ø 4 cm, length 27 cm, incl. 2 m hose (12/16 mm), 2 hose clips, stopcock

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