Oase KickStart Bakteria Tablets


Oase KickStart Filter Start Bakteria Tablets x 3
Provides a biological balance
Easy aquarium start-up
Activate substrate and filter

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The KickStart Filter Start bacteria tablets from Oase support a quick aquarium launch. The practical tablets add concentrated microorganisms to the water, which activate the substrate and filter and promote a rapid achievement of biological equilibrium. The trace elements already contained ensure immediate activity of the valuable bacteria that are responsible for breaking down toxic substances in fish faeces and detritus. The tablets can also be added to the aquarium as a kind of bacteria booster for new animal additions to prevent increased stress. The KickStart bacteria tablets are simply added to the filter or directly into the aquarium. This can drastically shorten the cycling phase of an aquarium, which usually lasts several weeks. The first aquarium inhabitants can be introduced after just one week.