OASE ORGANIX Shrimp Veggie Granulate 150 ml


Shrimp Veggie Granulate
150 ml / 80 gr.
The sustainable superfood for herbivores: Natural ingredients in Organix Veggie Granules and Organix Veggie Flakes such as valuable kelp enabler species-appropriate feeding with a high proportion of valuable minerals and trace elements – following nature’s example. Perfect for daily feeding!

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Raw protein 40%; raw fat 13%; raw fibre 1%; raw ash 10%.
Ingredients: Whole salmon, fresh kelp, whole shrimp (10 %), wheat flour, wheat germ, whole herring, wheat gluten.
Nutritional additives (per 1,000 g): Vitamin A (E 672) 14.000 IE, vitamin C as ascorbyl monophosphate 800 mg, vitamin E 680 mg, nicotinic acid 100 mg, inositol 100 mg, vitamin B2 as riboflavin 20 mg, vitamin B12 50 μg. Sensory additives (per 1,000 g): Astaxanthin (E 161j) 15 mg.