OASE ScaperLine Daily Fertiliser


ScaperLine Daily Fertiliser from Oase is a concentrated basic fertiliser for aquascapes. With the daily fertiliser, quickly used nutrients that are not available in the tank for longer periods of time are added to the aquarium. This makes it an ideal source of iron and nitrogen. Its composition ensures optimal nutrient and water uptake by the aquatic plants, as well as their transport and storage within the cells. By adding iron and magnesium, the ScaperLine Daily Fertiliser supports the functionality for cell build-up and energy production.

Stickstoff (N) – 0,9 g/l; Iron (Fe) – 0,25 g/l; Titanium (Ti) – 0,001 g/l; Potassium (K) – 2,4 g/l; Phosphorus (P) – 0,07 g/l; Magnesium (Mg) – 2,5 g/l

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Dosage per 100 litres
2 ml x daily
Shake well before use.
Dose directly into the aquarium. Adjust the dosage to the individual needs of the aquatic plants.