OASE ScaperLine MineralMix fertiliser


ScaperLine Mineralmix Fertiliser from Oase provides ideal conditions for nutrient uptake. With the addition of the Mineralmix, important minerals and trace elements are added to the aquatic plants. These substances are consumed particularly quickly by the plants as they grow. Therefore, the use of Mineralmix results in intensive aquatic plant growth. The minerals also enable the plants to reproduce their colours particularly well.

Manganese (Mn) – 520 mg/l; Molybdenum (Mo) – 310 mg/l; Potassium (K) – 180 mg/l; Tin (Sn) – 90 mg/l; Zinc (Zn) – 80 mg/l; Lithium (li) – 30 mg/l; Copper (Co) – 20 mg/l

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Dosage per 100 litres
With high lighting with CO2 5 ml 2x a week
With low lighting without CO2 5 ml 1x a week

Shake well before use. Dose directly into the aquarium. Adjust the dosage to the individual needs of the aquatic plants.