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Söll Aquarena / Aqua Clear
100 gr.
Söll Aquarena is a powdered microbial product and is used for the biological purification of aquarium water. It contains natural clear water bacteria in freeze-dried form. When dissolved in water, they break down harmful nitrogen compounds and phosphates and contribute to the cleansing of organically polluted water. In addition, mulm is broken down and the formation of toxic fermentation gases is prevented.
Söll Aquarena is applied every two weeks or once a month, depending on the degree of load. The powder is carefully mixed with slightly warm aquarium water (26°C) in a separate vessel according to the recommended dosage. When there are no more lumps, the mixture can be added to the aquarium.
After treating the tank with medication or anti-algae products, you should wait one week before using the water purifier, as those products may also have a sterilizing effect on the bacteria in the Söll Aquarena.

For new equipment* 10 g per 100 litres of water (ca. 26°C)*
For ongoing maintenance 5 g per 100 litres of water

*Fish can be stocked after one week.

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