OASE AquaStable Water Optimizer


AquaStable Water Optimizer
AquaStable Water Optimizer is a water hardener to adjust the carbonate hardness (KH, GH) and the pH-value in the aquarium to provide optimal conditions for fish and other aquarium inhabitants within a few minutes. The use of AquaStab reliably neutralises toxic compounds such as ammonia and nitrite, which accumulate in the aquarium tank when organic material is bacterially degraded at the wrong pH value. In addition, AquaStab supplies calcium, which is an essential element for shrimps and crabs in the formation of shells.
It is recommended to dose Söll AquaStab directly into the aquarium every 14 days. According to the dosage recommendation, 5 g AquaStab are dissolved in 100 litres of aquarium water.

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