Sticks Funny – VEGETABLES


x 2 / 115 Gr.
Our „Funny” stick contains more natural and balanced ingredients that your beloved pet enjoys so much. For your pet, it feels like a rejuvenation therapy in an exclusive spa.
„Funny” stick can help your pet in many ways as it can replace:
– a fitness gym because your pet needs to do some exercise in order to get some food
– best restaurants as this meal is a real delicacy both tasty and healthy
– dietician because all ingredients are carefully picked out and well balanced
– pedicure as the wooden base gives them opportunity to abrade their nails
– dentist because it’s a natural abrasion of their teeth as well.

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oats flakes
mungo beans
dried carrots 6,5%
pea flakes 5%
husk-free oat
beetroots 1%

vit. B1 0,8 mg/kg
vit. B2 3,0 mg/kg
vit. B6 1,5 mg/kg
vit. K3 1,5 mg/kg
vit. C 20,0 mg/kg