The Beginning Essential Foods


is specifically formulated for puppies and juniors that will weigh no more than 15kg in adulthood.
Our ingredients are of the highest quality; a quality you’ll learn to expect from ESSENTIALS. The meal follows our BOF principle and is even grain-free.
The Recipe:
Fresh chicken and duck, dried chicken and duck, sweet potato, chicken fat, peas, fresh salmon and trout, fresh whole egg, linseed, potato, liver stock, lucerne sprout, vitamins, minerals, MOS, FOS, glucosamine*, chondroi-tin*, MSM* (*all from natural sources), cranberry, akai, blueberry, mulberry, apple, tomato, orange, pear, carrot, spinach, cauliflower, seaweed, marigold, ginseng, green tea, ginger.

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Protein 34%
Fat 22%
Minerals 8,0%
Water 8,5%
Omega6 3,6%
Omega3 1,7%
Calcium 1,6%
Phosphorus 1,3%
Glucosamine 0,09%
Chondroitin 0,07%