HFC Alternative Dry


The first dry cat food to be made with meat or fish being 100% fresh and 100% HFC1.
Without any addition of dehydrated meat or meat meal.
The meat or the fish used for this kibble (dry food) is 100% HFC, that is originally fit for human consumption1. This makes it different from any other kibble on the market today because it improves the quality of a cat’s daily diet.

Fresh sturgeon, fresh salmon, fresh chicken, fresh duck, fresh quail: five 100% HFC1 recipes which satisfy the palates and needs of all cats helping to restore well-being and keep adverse food reactions at bay.

Alternative is:
• 100% Fresh Meat – only fresh sturgeon, chicken or salmon, as indicated on the label
• 100% Meat Meal-Free – contains no meat meal or dehydrated meat
• 100% HFC – meat and rice originally fit for human consumption1
• Single Meat – single source of meat
• Natural palatability – no appetite stimulants added
• Suitable for cats that are hypersensitive to foods
• Ideal for exclusion diets
• No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

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