Parrot Toys
Pet birds and Parrots are intelligent creatures and require lots of mental stimulation. Toys help to prevent them from getting bored, which could lead to unwanted behaviours, including feather plucking. Many species of Parrots have a natural desire to chew; wood is one of the most popular safe materials used in creating bird toys. However, providing a variety of different materials such as rope, leather, plastic, acrylic and metal and cardboard and paper for your bird to explore and play with enhances their environment. Parrot Toys come in a wide range of styles and designs and are great for keeping your bird as active as possible. Foraging based toys are ever increasing in popularity as they add an extra dimension to the kind of mental stimulation you can offer. This makes your bird work for the rewards, much more like nature intended! Parrots love to learn new skills and test their intelligence. Browse the activity and trick toys and give them the mental stimulation they need for a happy life. You and your Parrot can create your own fun with the toy making parts. Spend some quality time with your Parrot being creative and building a custom toy especially for your Parrot.