Aqua-Art Shrimp Sand 4 kg.


4 kg. / black
Shrimp Sand is a scientifically developed substrate, created on the basis of natural volcanic soil. The unique technology of Shrimp Sand protects the health, safety and proper development of shrimp.

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Safety: it has absorption properties which remove pollutants from water, including ammonia.
Clarification of water: it restores water clarity, removes colour and cloudiness caused by, for example,
wooden decorative elements inside the aquarium.
It stabilises the pH of water: it softens the water to levels which are appropriate for natural areas
of occurrence of most species of shrimp.
It stabilises the pH of the buffer.
Natural bacterial flora: Shrimp Sand’s porous structure ensures the development of natural bacterial
flora, which is necessary for the proper functioning of aquariums and well-being of shrimp.
Natural look: it fits perfectly with the arrangement of aquariums.

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