HbN Premium Food for canaries


Premium Food for canaries with apples, carrots and peppers
700 ml. / 430 gr.
HAPPY BY NATURE – it’s ideally suited and balanced PREMIUM food with dried apples, dried carrot and dried peppers, especially intended for canaries. The food mixture is free of artificial ingredients, colourings and preservatives. All its elements have been carefully selected in accordance with the needs and nutritional requirements of canaries. It helps to protect birds’ health and gives them vital powers derived straight from the nature.

Apples are filthy rich in vitamins, nutrients strengthening immunity system; treasury of carbohydrates which can be easy absorbed directly into the bloodstream giving energy boost for the body. Apples are a source of fibre, which adjust digestive system and remove toxins.

Carrot protects the immune system, has an antibacterial effect and supports the work of the digestive system. It’s a good source of carotene, which is important in the diet as a precursor of vitamin A, necessary in the vision process. Thanks to the content of the vitamins, proteins, calcium, nutrients, pectins, it controls important life processes.

Pepper is a source of beta-carotene, which is the basis for the formation of yellow and red dye in feathers. Carotene is also a provitamin for vitamin A, which is essential in the vision process.

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canary seeds
rape seeds
husk-free oat
agrimony seeds
dried apples 4%
dried carrots 2%
niger seed
senegalese millet
dried pepper 0,5%

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